2019 4-Star 28′ Stock Trailer


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2019 4-Star 28' Stock Trailer

STK #: 948041

Width: 8'  Length:  28'  Height: 6'6''

This trailer is a big stock trailer that you have to see! All of the smooth skin is black metallic and the slats, top rail, and rear frame are a polished aluminum. It has the very populap V-Nose with a full height side ramp on the curbside. The center gate is a rolling gate that swing both ways and the settings are 14' apart. There are 6 two-way roof vents with a walk thru gate on the street side up front with a slider in the rear gate. This big trailer is ready for any kind of job, plus very good looking! It carries the load on 8,000 lb axles with 16'' fourteen ply tires.

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Product Details

Trailer Type Stock Trailer
Brand 4-Star
Location Oklahoma City