2019 CM Truck Beds RD2 11’4/97/84/34 Flat Bed

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2019 CM Truck Beds RD2 11'4/97/84/34 Flat Bed located in St. Louis: Call 314-771-6666 for more information HEADACHE RACK Steel Tube DECK 1/8" Treadplate FRAME RAILS 4" Structural Channel Steel CROSSMEMBERS 3" x 3/16" Channel REAR SKIRT Solid One Piece with Tapered Corners GN HITCH 30K B&W Hitch with Welded Ball BP HITCH 18,500 lb. B&W Hitch with Receiver Tube FUEL FILL Angled 12V TRAILER PLUG 12V Round 7 Pin in GN Box, Round 7 Pin/4 Way Flat on Rear REAR LIGHTING Clear LED Oval LIGHT BOX (REAR SKIRT) Steel MARKER LIGHTING Bullet DOT Approved LED TOOLBOX Optional Underbody TOOLBOX HANDLE N/A TOOLBOXES (SPECIAL SIZES) FENDERS N/A SIDESTEPS N/A TIEDOWNS N/A More Info: https://cmtruckbeds.com/truck-beds/rd-truck-bed/

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