190 gallon Coldtainer F0720 FDN


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The Coldtainer F0720 AuO Series is a versatile high-performing front-loading unit that is perfect for any number of industries. With it’s sleek and rugged design, iso-thermal triple insulated construction, and precise temperature control, the 0720 can store and deliver whatever product you need. Caterers will appreciate its ability to easily load and unload multiple food trays, while delivery and logistic operations can easily swap between vehicles. Enjoy instant and long-term cost savings with not only the unit’s eco-friendly low energy consumption, but also by avoiding expensive van conversions and liners.

FDN model maintains consistent temperature down to -11°F

More information on Coldtainer F0720: https://coldtainerusa.com/products/f0720-mobile-refrigerator-unit-2/

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