Refrigerated Rentals

For your next event or gathering, trust CSTK and our refrigerated rental options to keep food and drinks cold and fresh. 

Perfect for a catered event, during a refrigeration equipment breakdown, or when you need additional storage space. 

Perfect for catering, deliveries, or when you need to easily transport refrigerated product.

The revolutionary new way to transport temperature sensitive items that is flexible, portable, and 100% green.

"Thank you CSTK"

“We use a Kool Ride van for all our deliveries. Our reputation depends on keeping food fresh and safe. Thanks to our Kool Ride van, our customers know that their dairy products will be delivered on time at the perfect temperature!”

– Shane Bradley, Oberweis Dairy

Locations and Availablity

Kool Ride Trailers are available at these CSTK locations:

Oklahoma City
St. Louis

Kool Ride Vans are available at these CSTK locations:

Kansas City
St. Louis

Coldtainer Units are available for sale or rent at these CSTK locations.

St. Louis


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