2015 JCB 67C


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JCB’S NEW-GENERATION 67C THESTRONGEST, MOST DURABLE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE6-TONNE EXCAVATOR EVER BUILT. THECULMINATION OF 50 YEARS’ EXPERTISE, THISMACHINE HAS BEEN DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED INDIRECT RESPONSE TO OUR CUSTOMERS’ STANDARDS. They’ve been painstakingly developed in direct response to our customers’ needs and, as such, they feature performance, versatility and productivity by the bucketload. These JCB excavators also offer you low cost of ownership, superior ergonomics, rigorous safety features, and easy servicing.So if you’re in the market for a 6 Metric Ton excavator, you’ll find this new generation is in a 6 Metric Ton class of its own.Strongest, most high-performance excavator in the 6 Metric Ton class. (13’4” max dig depth) (14’ max dump height)FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL CSTK TODAY!

Product Details

Brand JCB
Location Kansas City
YEAR 2015