CM RD 11’4″/97″/84″/34″ Steel Flat Bed

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2021 CM RD Steel Flat Deck 11'4" Flat Bed

Tough enough to haul the big loads, the popular RD models are expertly designed, professional-grade workhorses that are sized to fit almost any unit.

  • Integrated tube headache rack
    • Our headache racks are designed with the best and strongest materials to keep you safe when the unexpected happens.
  • Super-durable powder-coat finish
    • CM Truck Beds coats our products with powder, rather than paint. We cover every crevice and corner, providing long-lasting protection and a superior finish and shine!
  • 4” structural steel channel frame rails
    • Because we don’t use roll-formed runners, our structural 4″ channel frame rails are stronger and more durable than any on the market. They also prevent any rusting from the interior of the tube.
  • 1/4” rub rails and stake pockets
    • These accommodate your straps and give you multiple tie-down points throughout your hauling jobs.
  • 1/8″ steel treadplate deck
    • This strong and long-lasting deck is designed for heavy-duty work, withstanding the rigorous work conditions that our bodies are placed under. Compare to other bodies on the market, which use 11-gauge and 13-gauge floors.
  • 30,000 lb.-rated B&W gooseneck hitch with 7-way electrical plug
    • This is a best-in-class, independently tested gooseneck hitch that handles even your toughest hauls. It also contains a 7-way electrical plug to give you ample choices for your power-driven needs.
  • Modular sealed wiring harness
    • Our modular sealed wiring harnesses are resistant to corrosion, deterioration and pulling apart, meaning they can withstand the harshest conditions.
  • 18,500 lb.-rated B&W bumper pull hitch
    • CM’s independently rated bumper pull hitch gives you best-in-class towing capacity, which is integrated into the entire frame.
  • 7-way round and 5-way flat electrical plug standard on rear tailboard
    • This standard feature provides quality results and allows you to hook on to any trailer.
  • LED DOT required lighting (clearance and marker lights)
    • When you are backing up, turning, or hitting your brakes along the road, our LED lights will make your truck bed stand out more.
  • 3” Steel roll-formed 3/16” channel cross members
    • These are the toughest and most durable work truck subframes.
  • Angled fuel fill
    • Provides a shinier, and better-looking feature to your work truck, as well as a no-corrosion zone for all your in-and-out hauls.
  • 2 – LED recessed tail, brake and backup lights mounted in headache rack
    • CM’s lights are brighter and use less power than conventional incandescent lights, so your stops, turns, and tag lights will be easily seen and recognized.

Specs & Features

  • LENGTH:  11'4"
  • HEADACHE RACK:  Steel Tube
  • DECK: 1/8" Treadplate
  • FRAME RAILS: 4" Structural Channel Steel
  • CROSSMEMBERS: 3" x 3/16" Channel
  • REAR SKIRT: Solid One Piece with Tapered Corners
  • GN HITCH: 30K B&W Hitch with Welded Ball
  • BP HITCH: 18,500 lb. B&W Hitch with Receiver Tube
  • FUEL FILL: Angled
  • 12V TRAILER PLUG: 12V Round 7 Pin in GN Box, Round 7 Pin/4 Way Flat on Rear
  • MARKER LIGHTING: Bullet DOT Approved LED
  • TOOLBOX: Optional Underbody

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Location St. Louis