Portable Container

The Coldtainer is a portable refrigerated and frozen storage solution available in several sizes. With both 110-volt and 12-volt power options, the Coldtainer can be plugged into a wall outlet, powered by vehicle battery, or used with an external battery base.

This versatile storage solution is ideal for caterers, florists, event planners, delivery, medical, and other operations. The unit is available as top loading or front loading, with refrigeration, frozen, or heated temperature controls. Some units are made specifically to fit in the back of a cargo van for easy installation in your vehicle. Accessories like shelving, battery bases, and vehicle install kits are available.

All CSTK locations are Coldtainer retailers, and offer customized refrigeration and storage solutions for your business, vehicle, or onsite event. A CSTK rep can help you select the best Coldtainer option for your needs, and can suggest accessories that will best suit your operation. Rental options are also available in St. Louis, Kansas City and Philadelphia.