4 Tips for Keeping Your Trailer in Top Shape

Posted - March 30, 2017

Commercial trailers are hard-working and take a lot of punishment on the road and at the dock. However, even the toughest of trailers require occasional maintenance and trailer repair service. Here are four things you can do to avoid serious problems over the lifetime of your trailer:

4 Tips for Keeping Your Trailer in Top Shape.jpg

1. Check Your Tires

When was the last time your drivers checked the tires? You can’t tell by looking at a tire, how much air pressure it has. You have to place a gauge on the valve stem to get an trustworthy reading. If your drivers are too busy to check the air in tires, consider an automatic tire air monitoring system.

Improperly inflated tires cost you a lot of money because these tires wear out faster. In fact, tire wear is uneven when there is too much or too little air in your tires.

2. Wash Time

A clean trailer not only looks better, but is good for business. Cleaning is also important because it removes all kinds of debris and snow removal chemicals from the undercarriage and lighting system. It’s easier to notice problems when the trailer is clean, and this saves you downtime and extra visits to your trailer repair service.

3. Check the Lights

Before leaving, drivers should check all the trailer lights. One burned out bulb can get your driver pulled over, and this causes lost time and needless delays.

4. Professional Inspections

To make sure you keep up with DOT compliance (and ensure you pass DOT inspections) your trailers need regular trailer inspections. CSTK offers expert trailer repair service and performs trailer inspections. We work on all makes and models and do routine maintenance, welding, and custom fabrication.

CSTK works on flatbed trucks, reefer trailers, dry vans and many other trailer types. We offer around the clock mobile emergency repairs too. To find out more about our services, visit our contact page or call toll-free (888) 566-5743 today.