C.O.O. Allen Lane Celebrates 35 Years at CSTK

Posted - September 30, 2020

This year marked a special anniversary for CSTK, as Chief of Operations and General Manager of the St. Louis location Allen Lane celebrated his 35th year with the company. As a longtime leader in the organization, Allen has been instrumental in the growth and success of CSTK over the last few decades. His influence and legacy include not only the gratitude and respect of those who have gotten to work for him, but countless happy and satisfied customers as well. CSTK would not be where it is today without Allen’s leadership and we want to wish him congratulations on his anniversary and to say thank you for his tremendous contributions to the company.

“For me, working in this industry came naturally,” Allen says. “My father was in the business, so growing up I spent summers working in the shop. In high school, I was in VICA (Vocational Industrial Club of America) where I won state welding champ in 1973. Allen started his career with Thermo King in 1972 working in the parts department of Thermo King Des Moines. In 1985, I joined the CSTK team as the general manager of the Kansas City location, and I’ve been with CSTK ever since.”

When Allen first joined CSTK, we had only 2 locations and 25 employees. Now we have 12 locations and several hundred team members. “It’s been amazing to watch the transformation,” he says. “Not just the growth of CSTK but the changes too. Technology is always changing the industry. When I started, we were transitioning from gas and propane to diesel. And now we are transitioning from diesel to electric power. You’ve always got to be prepared for the next new thing.”

For those of us who have worked with Allen, the secret to his success is really no secret at all – always appreciate and take care of the customer. “My answer to a customer is always YES. Then I ask them what the question is. Without the customer, we’re nothing.” It is that kind of dedication to customer service that has been a hallmark of Allen’s leadership. That, and his support for his people. “The thing I’m probably most proud of about my time at CSTK, is being able to watch all the people that have come into the organization grow and find success. We have people that started with us just out of High School, like I did. To see them find their true potential and move up in the company is very rewarding.”


Thank You, Allen! Here’s to Another Great 35 Years!