CSTK and Coastal Carriers Partner for Success

Posted - August 26, 2020

CSTK recently had the pleasure of working with our friends at Coastal Carriers Truck Lines, LLC to help them upgrade a portion of their fleet with the latest Thermo King technology. Based out of Troy, Missouri, Coastal is a nationwide freight company delivering goods and products safely and on-time to customers throughout the country. Like most transportation companies these days, efficiency, cost savings, and driver recruitment and retention are of paramount importance to the continued success of their business. That is why they decided to rely on CSTK and Thermo King’s Precedent trailer units, TriPac Evolution APU’s, and Thermolite solar panels for their refrigeration and power needs.

“We are very excited to be working with CSTK to improve and upgrade our fleet,” explains Coastal President John Dunard. “Thermo King APU’s, specifically the TriPac Evolution, is such a great product that really makes a difference in the comfort and well-being of our drivers. At Coastal, we take pride in putting our drivers in the most technologically advanced and most comfortable trucks on the market today, and quality APU’s are a big part of that. The attached Thermo King air tower units keep the top bunks cool and the additional power from the unit allows our drivers to enjoy the comforts of home with items like laptop computers, gaming devices, microwaves, or anything else. Most people don’t think about powering C-Pap machines for drivers with sleep apnea, but it makes a real difference in their lives. Our drivers certainly appreciate the investment we are making and we know this will help us keep our employees safe and secure when they are out on the road.”

Also, part of the fleet upgrade was installing Thermo King Precedent refrigeration units on the trailers. The Precedent platform represents the very latest in transport refrigeration technology, offering outstanding efficiency and reliability paired with superior temperature control. Coastal required a multi-temperature unit, needing to be able to control three different and separated compartments of the trailer at different temperature settings. This flexibility with their 

shipments provides great value to Coastal’s customers and required the correct choice for their refrigeration unit. The solution was the S-610M, which is part of the Precedent multi-temp reefer platform from Thermo King. This unit takes the technology that has made Precedent the premier transport refrigeration platform in the industry and optimizes it for food distribution. The CARB Evergreen certification of the S-610M means no DPF required, ever. Delivering double digit fuel savings and superior temperature control, the S-610M was the perfect choice for Coastal.

Finally, CSTK installed Thermo King Thermolite solar panels for additional green energy. These eco-friendly devices lower operational costs by reducing the units run time by 20-30%, extending battery life to five+ years. Coastal knows the future of this business depends on lowering emissions and becoming more energy efficient, so this is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

So far, the results for Coastal’s fleet upgrade have been outstanding. The reporting data shows a large reduction in engine idling time, less emissions, less DPF filters used, and less maintenance time. These add up to significant savings and reduced operational costs for Coastal now and into the future. Thank you to everyone at Coastal for trusting CSTK with your business. We look forward to working with you in the future!