CSTK East Becomes Authorized Dealer for Stoughton Trailer Parts

Posted - July 11, 2022

CSTK is pleased to announce our East locations have recently become authorized dealers for Stoughton trailer parts. For more than 60 years, Stoughton has been manufacturing the finest trailer equipment in the industry, known for their quality and craftmanship. We’re proud and excited to be able to bring such an excellent line of products to our customers.

“It was a perfect fit,” says CSTK East General Manager Jamie Cressman. “Stoughton trailers are known throughout the transportation world for being the best there is. They’re a great company that manufactures their parts right here in America. They have a commitment to quality that matches our own. CSTK customers are going to really appreciate this partnership.”

One of Stoughton’s unique advantages is their vertical integration. Their in-house team designs, develops, and assembles not only the trailers and parts, but also the tooling and the processes to build them. Incorporating this level of vertical integration allows for flexibility, rapid response time, and superior control of parts and processing. It all leads to the highest level of quality control in the trailer industry. So, while other trailer manufacturers are buying assemblies from domestic or even offshore suppliers with little or no control over quality, Stoughton is building the highest quality trailer parts on the road today.

This control over the entire manufacturing process ensure procedures are consistently followed and any deviations are corrected every step of the way. This avoids the pitfalls other competitors fall into by “end of line inspections” where issues may not be identified or discovered too late.

  • All Stoughton Quality personnel are FHWA tested and certified on a continual basis.
  • Every unit is tested for electrical, air, ABS and brake response compliance.
  • All Stoughton trailers are leak tested to ensure that all seams are properly fitted and there are no leaks, which could allow moisture or other contaminants to enter the trailer
  • Computerized torque equipment is used on all critical fastener and assembly operations of the suspension. The process produces a hard copy and system record of actual torque values. This information becomes part of the unit history packet as the unit travels through the manufacturing process and quality inspections.

As you can see, Stoughton leaves nothing to chance when it comes to delivering the top quality parts you need.  With facilities spanning over one million square feet of manufacturing space spread out over 80 acres of property in three southern Wisconsin communities, it’s estimated that over 150,000 Stoughton trailers produced at these plants travel the highways of the United States and Canada every day. Stoughton makes great trailers, and CSTK East is proud to be your official supplier for Stoughton parts and equipment.