CSTK Featured in Fleet Owner Magazine: Dealing With Dealers

Posted - April 22, 2014
CSTK’s Chief Operating Officer Allen Lane recently spoke to FleetOwner Magazine about the importance of a beneficial relationship between fleets and the dealerships that serve them.

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Thermo King dealer CSTK says that with all the challenges fleets face today, the relationship with their dealer should not be one of them.

???Today’s fleet is dealing with more interferences and hurdles than ever before with their own operations,??? points out Allen Lane, COO of CSTK Inc., a St. Louis-based dealer of Thermo King reefer units and other truck/trailer equipment.  ???Whether it’s the shippers and/or receivers demanding more or dealing with state and/or federal regulations as well as driver and technician shortages, the last thing they need is for their dealer relationship to be an inconvenience.???

???For fleets,??? Lane contends, ???the dealer model needs to be one of convenience that offers a state-of-the-art facility, extended hours and advanced technology.  Each customer’s pain points and needs are different, so the dealer’s products and/or solutions need to be designed in such a manner as to offer an open architecture to service multiple different models.???…

…CSTK’s Lane suggests that ???a fleet should be open to sharing with dealers from the start.  What are their current pain points?  What is more important, product availability or cost?  The more we understand their needs, the more likely we are to become a business partner that works side by side with them.???

To accomplish that, he says dealers ???need to invest in a robust customer relationship management system [CRM] for tracking of account calls tied to an account marketing plan.  Dealer websites should have a lead-generation feature, through a product like Hub Spot, that feeds to the CRM system so the information generated can be facilitated by the marketing/sales department…

Read the entire article in the April 2014 issue of Fleet Owner magazine. You can also read the entire article on the Fleet Owner website.