CSTK Now Offering Switch-N-Go Truck Bodies

Posted - September 22, 2021

CSTK is proud and excited to announce that our St. Louis location is now an official dealer of Switch-N-Go truck body solutions. Switch-N-Go is the innovative and revolutionary new way to add versatility and affordability to your truck fleet. With the ability to upfit and switch out truck bodies to whatever type and function you need, it has never been easier or more affordable to expand your operations.

“Our customers are going to love the Switch-N-Go system,” says CSTK St. Louis Sales Manager Paul Keil. “Not only does it provide an easy way to upgrade your fleet, but the workmanship and quality are second to none. What I love about the product is that it works perfectly for any industry. From landscaping and tree care, to construction and municipalities, any operation can make use of the flexibility Switch-N-Go offers.”

There are many benefits to using the system. Switch-N-Go® owners get the power of a full fleet in just one truck. This versatility allows owners to build their ideal work truck by matching the system they need with the chassis they want. Now businesses will always be able to have the right body for the job. Because it is a simple-to-use, detachable truck body system, owners can easily choose the truck body they need while saving time by staging jobs with materials and tools. In addition, dropping the body at ground at a job site level can reduce injuries and keep their team safe. Smaller and more efficient fleets allow organizations to recruit and train fewer drivers. The need for fewer vehicles also means less maintenance time and expenses. The savings that come from the ability to choose the truck body you need with just the push of a button is a game-changer for a lot of organizations.

“We can turn your truck into a Swiss Army Knife,” explains Bob Schaefer, Switch-N-Go Product Sales Specialist. “Most trucks are limited to one body type obviously. But with Switch-N-Go, you can turn your dump truck into a flatbed, then into a salt spreader, then into a drop box. In less than five minutes, you can drop one body to the ground and load another one–allowing you to always have the right body for the job. This is perfect for most mid-sized companies that use Class 4-6 sized trucks.  And with great partners like CSTK in our dealer network, we know our customers will get the very best installation and support.”

For over two decades, Switch-N-Go has been providing solutions to businesses that want a work truck that can do more. Their interchangeable truck body solution has advantages over hooklift and permanent mount units. With hoist systems available in electric-over-hydraulic and full hydraulic, as well as nearly 30 different work truck bodies, Switch-N-Go offers endless opportunities to maximize investment and optimize the workday.

Available at CSTK St. Louis – Contact us today to discuss expanding your fleet with Switch-N-Go!