CSTK Spotlight: Spike Clement

Posted - January 23, 2024

 Dedication, expertise, and honesty. These are the words that describe CSTK Oklahoma City employee Spike Clement. With an impressive three decades of service, Spike has become an invaluable asset to the CSTK family, leaving an indelible mark as both a Thermo King salesman and Parts Manager.

Throughout his remarkable career, Spike has embodied dedication, expertise, and a passion for excellence. As a Thermo King salesman, he played a pivotal role in connecting clients with cutting-edge temperature control solutions, earning the trust and admiration of countless customers. His deep understanding of the products and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have been instrumental in CSTK’s success in the region.

“Spike is one of those guys that you know you can depend on,” says CSTK VP and Oklahoma City General Manager Mike Nelson. “Our customers know that if Spike tells you something, you can count on it being true. I’m extremely grateful for all his hard work throughout the years.”

As we celebrate Spike’s time with CSTK, it’s not just a recognition for him, but a momentous occasion for the entire CSTK Oklahoma City family. His journey is a testament to the values of hard work, commitment, and a genuine passion for the industry. Spike’s dedication has not only shaped the success of CSTK in the region but has also inspired his colleagues and set a standard for excellence.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Spike Clement for this well-deserved recognition as an outstanding employee. His journey at CSTK has been one of growth, resilience, and continuous contributions. Here’s to Spike and the next chapter of success that undoubtedly awaits him in his ongoing journey with CSTK. Thank you, Spike, for 30 years of excellence!