CSTK’s Justin Moon Wins Thermo King Service Manager of the Year

Posted - March 2, 2021

Justin Moon had no idea why Allen Lane, CSTK C.O.O. and St. Louis General Manager, was calling an emergency management meeting. All he knew is that everyone had to come immediately to the upstairs training room. Expecting the worst, he waited with the other managers, as Allen put a Thermo King representative on the phone. But instead of delivering bad news, the voice on the line let everyone in the room know that Justin had just been awarded the Thermo King Service Manager of the Year Award. The room broke out into applause.

“I was very surprised,” Justin remembers. “It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized for something like that. I’m not sure what I do to deserve it. To be honest, I feel like I’m just at the right place at the right time with the crew we have here at CSTK. Everybody here has a ‘customer first’ mindset and we all try to always get better at what we do. That’s a good team to be a leader of.”

Justin and his team perform a vital job for our country. Whether it’s helping Americans gain access to daily necessities, keeping grocery store shelves stocked, or delivering lifesaving vaccines, the transportation industry stimulates the economy with every delivery. And keeping products at the correct temperature through the journey is key. So, it’s critical to keep the food fresh and the trucks moving. A sidelined truck due to a maintenance issue can cause repercussions throughout the entire supply chain, which makes what Justin’s team does so important. Our customers know that when an issue happens, CSTK and the service department stands ready to get them back on the road as soon as possible.

“When a customer comes to CSTK St. Louis for service, they know they have the very best in the business managing their work.,” says Allen Lane. “That’s a testament to how good Justin and the entire service team are at what they do. Justin is a natural leader and a tremendous asset to the company.”

Justin first came to CSTK five and half years ago as the Trailer Service Manager. After learning the ropes for a while, he was promoted to running the whole shop two years ago. Justin and CSTK have never looked back.

“CSTK is a great company to work for and Thermo King is a great product. You have new challenges every day. You really have to stay sharp and learn on the fly. I feel very fortunate to be able to come in to work each morning to a place like this. Especially with all the exciting things we are doing, like the Blue Track program for example.”

The Blue Track program is the new initiative from Thermo King to provide elite service excellence through triage and express options, dwell- time monitoring, real-time updates to customers and extended dealership hours. Justin and his team have been instrumental in its implementation in the St. Louis location which was recently certified as an official Thermo King Blue Track dealership – a testament to the expertise and commitment of the whole crew.

Justin’s co-workers weren’t the only ones to be excited by the news of his award. His family was especially thrilled, with his kids presenting him with some very special congratulations cards.

“I think they learned I actually do something during the day when I leave early and come home late. It meant a lot to make them proud.”

On behalf of everyone at CSTK, we would like to say Congratulations to Justin for this tremendous achievement. You deserve it and we are grateful for your dedication and leadership.