How to Choose the Right Snow Plow & Snow Removal Accessories

Posted - October 26, 2012


Meyer Snow Plow Kansas City Oklahoma City Snow Removal


Many companies look to add snow removal service to their business model, in order to offset the slow winter months, depending on their industry. When choosing the right type of plow or other snow equipment, there are several factors to consider, including plow style, vehicle size, maintenance costs, and accessories. CSTK offers many snow removal equipment options from some of the biggest names in the business, and can help you choose the right products to suit your operation. Snow plows and other equipment are available at CSTK’s Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and St. Louis locations. Here are a few tips to consider when shopping for a snow plow for your vehicle:


Your Vehicle Size Matters!

The snow plow you choose will largely depend on what kind of Straight Blade Snow Plow Sport Utility Snow Removalvehicle you’ll be using to do the job. A CSTK representative can tell you your snow plow options based on the gross axle weight rating of your vehicle and other criteria. Also take note that your drivetrain, chassis and powertrain will take on substantially more wear and tear, so ensure that your vehicle and plow are a good match. A smaller vehicle like a light truck or SUV will work for home use but may sag under the weight of the plow, causing rocks and other ground cover to hit the suspension. In most cases, a ?? ton or 1 ton truck or larger is best suited for most professional snow plow installations. If you’re using an older truck, you’ll also need to ensure that your electrical system will be able to handle the load from the pump motor and the plow blade’s frame. offers several snow plow options around the country in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and Philadelphia, with options for any vehicle you plan to plow with.Meyer Skid Steer Straight Snow Plow Light Duty

Small home operations can outfit their ATV, light-duty truck, or utility with a compact plow perfect for your snow removal job. Meyer Snow Plows, available through CSTK’s Kansas City and Oklahoma City locations, offer a wide array of plows for just about any vehicle. Blizzard Plows, available at CSTK Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Oklahoma City also offer plow options for atypical vehicles like ATV’s, light duty trucks, or SUV’s. Other light-duty vehicle options are available through CSTK via Hiniker and Snow Dogg.


Plow Style & Material

When choosing a plow style, many factors such as expected snowfall for your region, vehicle size, and usability. A wider straight plow means you can plow more snow in less time. However a V-shaped plow has Snow Dogg Snow Plow Snow Removal Equipmentthe advantage of a movable pivot point, allowing the user to better direct the snow. There are many straight blade snow plow options for ?? ton and mid size vehicles, like the Snow Dogg MD Series, available at CSTK St. Louis. If you choose a V-shaped plow like the Hiniker 9000 Series VF Plow (available at CSTK Philadelphia and St. Louis), you will need a ?? ton or larger truck to handle the extra weight.

Many plows are constructed of either steel or polyethylene, or poly. Poly is lighter, and is a good choice for smaller, light-duty vehicles like a ?? ton truck. Conversely, the added weight Hiniker Snow Plow Products St. Louis Philadelphiaof a steel plow can require a larger, heavy duty vehicle depending on the total weight of the plow. But, a steel plow provides greater downward force, and does a more thorough job of clearing snow. Your CSTK snow removal expert can help guide you to choose the right plow for your operation, vehicle, and expected snowfall.


Where Will You Be Plowing?

Are you a professional landscaper or snow removal service, or are you planning on using your snow plow to clear your property? Does your area experience over ten inches of snow in a single storm, or are you more likely to get only a couple of inches of snow at a time, with a lot of sleet and ice in between? These factors are likely to influence the kind of snow plow and accessories you choose to do the job. If your climate experiences a lot of wet sleet and ice, think about adding a spreader to your snow removal arsenal.Hiniker Snow Spreader St. Louis Philadelphia Snow Removal


Be Sure to Consider Maintenance Costs

When you select your plow and get a quote, your expenses don’t end there. Be sure to factor in maintenance costs, as your plow will need to be checked and maintained during the winter season. Every piece of equipment is different; Ask your CSTK representative what kind of service intervals are recommended for the specific snow plow model you’re interested in. Also, be sure to factor in additional maintenance costs for your vehicle, as your truck will be put under additional stress when using your equipment. Be sure your chassis, brakes, tires, transmission, cooling system, electrical components, powertrain and drivetrain are properly maintained.


After considering these tips, be sure to browse our snow plows and accessories, and contact a CSTK representative for a quote or additional information on our snow removal arsenal. Do you want to see a complete lineup of all the snow removal products we offer? Download an info kit on Blizzard, Meyer, Snow Dogg, and Hiniker products available from CSTK.