Introducing Blue Track at CSTK

Posted - March 11, 2021

CSTK and Thermo King are moving forward! The Blue Track program by Thermo King is one of the most exciting things to happen to the transportation industry in a long time. Working hand-in-hand with select dealers, Thermo King has completely redesigned the customer experience and redefined what is possible for customer service. The new Blue Track service model is based on triage and express services, dwell-time monitoring, real-time updates to customers, and extended dealership hours. CSTK is proud to be a part of this exciting program, with several of our locations being among the first to be Blue Track certified.

“Blue Track is going to change the industry,” says Allen Lane C.O.O. of CSTK and General Manager of CSTK St. Louis. “The most important thing for our customers is getting their repairs done right the first time and getting them done quickly. In the transportation industry, time is money, so it’s critical we get the drivers back on the road and delivering goods. The Blue Track program will make a tremendous difference in how quickly we operate.”

The key customer benefits of the Blue Track by Thermo King Program are:

  • Mobile and in–dealership preventive maintenance. Blue Track by Thermo King Program ensures that customers have access to the right maintenance and repair resources when and where needed. Thanks to gathered telematics data, repair efficiency can be increased by 5-15 percent.
  • Consistent service experience, faster repair, reduced and monitored dwell time. If any unplanned maintenance or 24/7 emergency service is necessary, customers can benefit from the entire network’s support. Customer service team directs them to the optimal Blue Track by Thermo King service location to ensure the workshop time is scheduled and performed with minimal downtime.
  • Improved customer communications. Customers receive clear and timely text and email updates when any activity is required or underway. These updates include reminders, notifications of progress and milestones reached (e.g. ‘repair has begun’), and announcements of work completed to keep them informed every step of the way.

CSTK St. Louis Operations Manager Pat O’Meara has been spearheading the Blue Track implementation throughout the CSTK locations. “We worked with our General Managers on the Blue Track requirements and assessing our locations to understand what was needed. One important step was setting up a consistent Dwell Time reporting process across all CSTK locations. Maintaining that consistency, from tracking and reporting to processing and communication, is extremely important for overall customer service. Again, we’re changing the culture of service and how we provide it to our customers. It’s a big challenge.”

CSTK stands ready to fulfill all your Thermo King service and repair needs. Please let us know how we can help get you running and back on the road. You will not find a shop or company more devoted to exceeding your expectations than CSTK.


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