Let the Sunshine In: ThermoLite Solar Panels by ThermoKing

Posted - August 1, 2016

The sun is shining bright this summer. We feel it on the hot days that we spend working outside. Why not take advantage of that sunlight with Thermo King’s ThermoLite solar panels? Whether you’re operating a backhoe, riding through the fields in a tractor, or delivering goods across the country as a truck driver, CSTK and CSTK JCB have solar panel options for you.

Thermolite Tractor

Solar Power: A True Natural Resource   

With environmental sustainability being a hot topic in today’s culture, people are looking for greener ways to power their homes and businesses. Solar power is one answer to the question of how to switch to a more socially responsible business model. While most people may associate solar power with running a building or home, there are several other ways to use the energy harvested from our sun.

ThermoLite Solar Panels can be installed on:

The benefits of using ThermoLite solar panels are far reaching. Not only is it better for the environment but it is also ideal for long-term battery maintenance in your unit by extending battery life and preventing costly jump starts. The panels are durable and are designed with life in the work zone and on the farm in mind. Polymer construction in the panels helps to resist hail damage, falling tree limbs, and other harsh conditions that may come into contact with your equipment.

Thermolite solar panel

Reaping the Benefits of a Sunny (and Cloudy!) Day

Owner operator truckers can see the advantage of using solar panels on their APU units because of the way it extends battery life. This prevents break downs and untimely stops when you’re trying to finish a time sensitive delivery. Users don’t need to worry about low light scenarios either, the high efficiency cells produce abundant power even when the sun itself is hiding behind the clouds.

Thermolite Precedent

RV owners can utilize the sun’s energy when camping or spending time outdoors this summer. ThermoLite solar panels will easily install and power the batteries on RV’s. Campers can feel even better about the time they are spending with nature.

CSTK and CSTK JCB are helping to pave the way for alternative energy solutions for your equipment. Do you have questions on whether your equipment is compatible with ThermoLite solar panels? Contact us today and find out how to start running your fleet with the power of the sun.