Schnucks Supermarket, Thermo King, and CSTK

Posted - September 15, 2022

“I love my Thermo Kings!”

Randy Riedisser isn’t shy about telling people how he feels about Thermo King products. When you’re the Fleet Maintenance Manager for Schnucks supermarkets and your responsible for food distribution to all the regional stores, it is perfectly fine to have strong feelings about your temperature-control solutions. After all, if your job depends on all the produce and goods arriving safe and fresh, you want the best equipment on the market.

For more than 28 years, Randy has been working for Schnucks, making sure the food we eat gets delivered and stored properly. So, he is certainly something of an expertwhen it comes to refrigeration recommendations. And for him, there is no discussion about which company is best.

“I’ve seen it day in and day out for decades. Thermo King is simply a better product than the competition. My favorite thing about our Thermo King C-600 Precedent units is that I don’t ever have to worry about them. I don’t see them. They just don’t break down. We’re at 5,000 hours on some units and are still running maintenance-free. There’s a difference in quality that people just don’t believe unless they are working with these machines every day.”

Operating over 100 stores across 4 states in the Midwest region, Schnucks is one of the largest privately-held supermarket chains in the United States. The number of stores and distances involved means Schnucks depends heavily on their distribution network. From storing frozen foods at -20 degrees, to hauling fresh produce at 34 degrees, to delivering a load of watermelons at 50 degrees, they depend on the versatility and durability of their Thermo King units.

“Another reason we love the Thermo King brand is the support we get from the dealership network. CSTK is fantastic to work with and will do anything we need from them. Honestly, we use them for more than just Thermo King work. We use CSTK for our trailer repair and some consignment work, as well. They are good and friendly people over there, and we love working with them.”

Schnucks, Thermo King, and CSTK – three great brands working together to deliver the freshest, safest, and most delicious food to your local market. We’re proud to be a part of that success. Thank you, Randy and everyone at the Schnucks team for your support and your business.

For more information on CSTK or Thermo King Precedent units, please give us a call!