Temperature Control in the Cannabis Industry

Posted - August 4, 2022

In the booming industry of cannabis and cannabis-related products, one thing is becoming perfectly clear to business-owners and operators – they cannot grow their business without proper temperature control investments in place. Everything from delivering cold or frozen edible treats, to keeping flower fresh and potent, to the storage of flash frozen cannabis for oil extraction depends on maintaining precise temperature set points. CSTK’s experience in temperature control solutions makes us the perfect choice for Cannabis startups looking to improve the storage and delivery of their product. We’ve helped thousands of small businesses, from organic farmers taking their produce to markets, to food delivery companies delivering fresh desserts. And we can help you too.

“The cannabis industry has reached a point where infrastructure and logistics are becoming the determining factor for a company’s success,” says Frederick Holt, a longtime cannabis chemistry consultant and a member of the extraction guild. “There are so many start-ups and new businesses now, that you have to really focus on what sets you apart in the market. If you can deliver frozen edibles, that makes a difference. If your product is fresher with better aroma, that makes a difference. Temperature control can be what separates a thriving business from a failure.”




Thermo King

As the leading transport refrigeration company in the world, Thermo King offers a multitude of options that can be used to store or deliver your crop. Direct drive units for trucks or vans turn your normal business vehicle into a refrigerated asset.  Delivering superior capacity and airflow, faster pull-down and the ability to haul fresh or frozen loads in single or multi-temp configurations, Thermo King’s line of direct drive units are perfect for a growing Cannabis operation. And a Thermo King Direct Drive unit and van liner conversion kit from CSTK insures maximum reefer unit efficiency, product safety, and consistent temperature control in your delivery van.

 Kool Ride Rentals

A Kool Ride walk-in cooler or Kool Ride van are perfect for urban delivery, a specific event, during a refrigeration equipment breakdown, or when you need additional storage space. Trailer options include 110-volt electric refrigeration units and diesel-powered trailers with both refrigeration and freezer capabilities. CSTK has several sizes and styles of Kool Ride trailers to select from, as well. Kool Ride vans are temperature-controlled Ford Transit vans with a Thermo King unit and insulated interior. 

Our rental program includes daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates. Delivery, pickup, and long-term rental contracts are available. 



Coldtainer is the revolutionary new way to transport and store temperature sensitive items that is flexible, portable, and 100% green. Coldtainer, with its ease-of-use, precise temperature control, and durable construction is the type of investment smart cannabis operations are making at this time. From long-term storage, to urban delivery, Coldtainer offers a way to improve the level of safety, consistency, and desirability of your end product.



“Superior trichome, terpene, and flavor preservation is the key to success,” says Frederick Holt. “The essence of the plant’s smell and taste comes from its terpenes. In most extraction processes, many of these monoterpenes are lost during the dry and cure phase. But by freezing and storing your harvest with a solution like CSTK offers, you can preserve that quality. Any cannabis operation that hasn’t thought about temperature control is missing the mark.”

CSTK has worked with companies just like yours to deliver unparalleled temperature control solutions to their business. We understand your needs, concerns, and requirements. Give us a call and let’s discuss how to take your growing business to the next level.


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