The CSTK Advantage: Our People

Posted - January 5, 2022

Despite all the challenges of 2021, CSTK remained strong and enjoyed a very successful year. This was due, in large part, to our amazing team of people who pulled together, worked hard, and found a way to overcome any problem that arose. We would like to thank everyone at CSTK for proving what we’ve long known – that our success, our strategic advantage, is our people.

It’s impossible to single out just one person who went above and beyond in 2021. Everybody from our dedicated technicians, to our helpful sales teams, from the office admin staff, to our corporate support like IT and accounting did their part to contribute to CSTK’s success. 2021 was a team effort, and we could not be more proud of the work we all did.

We would especially like to thank those team members who celebrated multi-decade anniversaries with the company. We’re proud that CSTK is a place where people come to stay and build a career. We celebrated quite a few of these special anniversaries and look forward to celebrating many more to come.


Adam Lane – St. Louis – 20 years

Elizabeth Maddonni – Philadelphia – 10 years

Charlotte Tiller – Oklahoma City – 20 years

‘Spike’ Clement – Oklahoma City – 25 years

Mark Booker – Salina – 30 years

Kirk Thompson – Wichita – 20 years

Aaron Reedy – St. Louis – 10 years   

Keith Bass – Corporate – 10 years

Andre Opalko – Philadelphia – 10 years

Kevin Deaver – Dodge City – 20 years

Travis Biggs – Kansas City – 25 years

Jeremy Armon – Dodge City – 20 years

David Eiker – Kansas City – 20 years

Jeffrey Haag – Montgomery – 15 years

Octavio Antunez – Oklahoma City – 15 years

Thivakone Thirakul – Dodge City – 15 years


As we look forward to a great 2022, we know that our accomplishments will be guided by the things that brought us to this point – great products, a vision for long-term success, and our team of exceptional people that care deeply about doing right by our customers.

Let’s keep forward thinking and forward moving.

Thank you, all.