The Thermo King ColdCube has Arrived at CSTK

Posted - October 21, 2013

CSTK is pleased to offer the Thermo King ColdCube: an ultra-portable refrigeration unit available in multiple configurations and sizes. The ColdCube is tailored to your business’s mobile refrigeration needs, serving catering, events, medical, floral, delivery and other industries in need of consistent portable refrigeration ColdCube ,Mobile Refigeration, Critical Refrigerationon-location or in their vehicle.  CSTK is now offering Thermo King Coldcube units for sale and as rentals in Kansas City, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Oklahoma City.

The cooling capability of the ColdCube is exceptional, chilling to -11?? F. Its high-grade polyethylene construction not only provides great durability, but also allows superior temperature retention and a lightweight body for optimal refrigeration during transport.

The ColdCube comes in multiple capacities including 37, 87, and 242 gallons configurations, with either solely refrigeration, or refrigeration and freezing options. Available accessories include shelving racks, wheel kits, in-cab temperature display, tie-down kit, forklift base, and ignition relay kit. Small top loading 30 gallon units are also available for small vehicles.Rental Refrigeration, Flex Cool, Portable Refrigeration, Thermo King, ColdCube

 Battery failure isn’t an issue with its built-in     battery monitor.  The ColdCube comes in 12, 24, to 240 volts with AC and DC hookups for to power the unit from your vehicle or wall outlet.  With multiple sizes and configurations, there is sure to be a ColdCube style that will fit easily in your vehicle.

If the ColdCube does have any issues, Thermo King has you covered with a two year parts and labor warranty, along with CSTK support and repairs of the ColdCube 24/7 via our mobile service team. In addition, CSTK can service your ColdCube, as well aRental Refrigeration, Flex Cool, Portable Refrigeration, Thermo King, ColdCubes install a kit in your vehicle for transportation of your perishable items.

With a simple, easy to operate user interface, the learning-curve for the ColdCube is non-existent.  The unit features a precise temperature setpoint control on the outside of the unit, so you can view the current temperature and status without opening the refrigeration container.

Not only is the ColdCube versatile, so is CSTK. Our versatile rental rates and scheduling flexibility can easily accommodate your event or operation.

As a trusted Thermo King dealer network, CSTK can stand behind the ColdCube with our expertise and experience serving the transport refrigeration industry. Learn more about ColdCube options by requesting a ColdCube Info Kit, or by contacting your local CSTK location.




Rental Refrigeration, Flex Cool, Portable Refrigeration, Thermo King, ColdCube