Thermo King & CSTK Introduces the T-80 Series of Truck Units

Posted - August 8, 2013

Thermo King & CSTK is proud to offer the T-80 series, a new line of self-powered truck units that deliver a low cost of ownership, improved fuel economy and unmatched reliability.  These new straight truck refrigeration units offer emissions Thermo King T-80 Refrigeration Unit for Straight Trucks Transport Refrigeration compliance, as well as lower maintenance costs and improved fuel efficiency. Building on the industry-leading T-Series, Thermo King took on the challenge of offering lower maintenance costs and better fuel efficiency, while maintaining their reputation of quality and reliability. The T-80 series encompasses all of these objectives in an EPA-compliant straight truck unit.

One of the highlights of the new T-80 truck series is the QuickTemp system, a patent-pending revolutionary refrigeration control system that measures engine loading conditions in real time, adjusting refrigeration output to maximize performance and optimize engine operation. QuickTemp technology utilizes an electronic throttling valve system, and is standard on all T-80 series units. This innovative system enables long-term benefits including significant fuel savings, improved temperature control, reduced maintenance and longer unit life.

Another major feature of the T-80 system is its significant maintenance savings. The QuickTemp system brings a load to setpoint faster, which means less unit runtime, reduction in fuel consumption, and less maintenance. The scroll compressor in the truck unit requires less maintenance, with 87% fewer moving parts than traditional designs. In addition, the T-80 series boasts an extended maintenance interval of 2000 hours, the longest in the industry.

The T-80 truck unit was designed to capitalize on the latest fuel-saving technologies, consuming up to 20% less fuel in all ambient conditions hauling fresh or frozen goods. The TThermo King T-80 Refrigeration Unit for Straight Trucks Transport Refrigeration SR-3 control system allows drivers to accurately manage the temperature in their truck, as well as offer fuel-saving features. An available option on the T-80 is the SmartPower Electric Standby, which allows the reefer unit to operate on electric power in addition to being powered by the standard diesel engine. This option offers additional fuel savings, reduction in engine wear, and a decrease in emissions.

In addition to their reputation for manufacturing the most reliable straight truck units in the industry, Thermo King built the new T-80 series reefer unit to fully compliant with new EPA regulations. All Thermo King T-80 Series engines meet CARB and EPA Tier 4 Final Compliance with NTE and Altitude emissions requirements. No matter what T-80 series Thermo King unit you choose, you have the peace of mind of proven reliability as well as current and future EPA compliance.

To learn more about the benefits and money-saving innovations of the Thermo King T-80 straight truck unit series, download our info kit on the Thermo King T-80 Series now, or request a quote from one of our knowledgable professionals.