Thermo King Telematics: Keeping You Connected in Uncertain Times

Posted - May 20, 2020

Here at CSTK, we know times are uncertain and there are many unknowns in today’s economic climate. But we want you to know that our expert staff and the telematics team at Thermo King is committed to helping you and your organization during the outbreak. With social distancing regulations taking effect in large parts of the country, staying informed and connected to your drivers is more critical than ever.

ConnectedSuite??? Asset Connectivity is a complete bundle of Thermo King technology designed to deliver critical fleet information. Putting this data to work gives you the ability to track and trace individual deliveries across your vehicles and equipment. You’ll be able to track temperature, meet regulatory requirements, and manage your assets via data-driven fleet operations. You can also oversee your entire fleet on the go using smart phones and other devices.

ConnectedSuite is extremely easy to install. If you have a 2018 or newer Trailer Thermo King Unit and/or a T90 Series Truck unit, all you have to do is activate the unit through the TracKing web portal. No need to physically touch the unit, or visit a dealership. And the more BlueBoxes you have in your fleet, the easier it is to convert the account to TracKing?? or use connectivity. All our 2018 or newer Trailer Precedent units also come with wireless Bluetooth technology and our TKNotify and TKReefer Apps. Once again, there is no need for the driver or technician to physically touch the unit. We would love to schedule a live Webinar demo to show you the advantages that Thermo King Telematics can bring to your business.

For those who are currently TracKing subscribers, now is a perfect time to make sure you are utilizing ConnectedSuite to its full potential. Contact us and we can make sure your fleet has all users and contacts set up correctly, and we can even assign dealer employees as user and/or contacts. We can also work with your staff to ensure they have all the user training needed to operate, and if not, coordinate a webinar to do user training. We can teach you how to:

??? Assign additional users and/or contacts.
??? Implement Geofencing and Point of Interest such as: hospitals, critical truck stops, terminals, Distribution centers, etc.
??? Have more than one notification set up specially for ???critical alarms??? and/or ???Out of Range Settings???.
??? How to send two-way commands in case of an emergency.
??? Run basic reports.
??? Set up vehicle groups: loads with pharmaceutical supplies for example.
??? Ensure accessories such as door sensors and fuel sensors are reporting in data.
??? Verify that data integration is working with their other provider.

This crisis will pass, but staying connected, to your employees, to your customers, and to your equipment is going to be even more critically important moving forward. And with Thermo King ConnectedSuite, you can rest assured your operations will be optimized to face any challenges in the days ahead.