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The Food Safety Modernization Act: What it Means and How to Prepare Your Equipment

Posted - August 18, 2015
Ready or not, new food safety regulations are here. The Technology and Maintenance Council, a national organization that develops transportation maintenance recommended guidelines; reports that food shippers will determine cleanliness standards for refrigerated transportation equipment.   Read More

CSTK Celebrates National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week

Posted - September 18, 2015
Happy National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week! Beginning September 13 through September 19, America honors truck drivers for their hard work and dedication thriving in one of our country’s most demanding careers. These 3.5 million professional men and women keep America moving forward by safely delivering nearly 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S. Read More

The Efficient Road Ahead: How Smart Trucking Can Improve Fuel Economy

Posted - October 5, 2015
Unpredictable fuel prices, rebounding economy, and shifts in environmental consciousness are leading to changes in how trucking companies run their operations.  Read More

The Impact of the National Truck Parking Shortage: Too Many Trucks and Not Enough Space

Posted - December 2, 2015
A recovering economy, demand for express shipping, and cheaper fuel prices has created an unforeseen problem for truck drivers.  Read More

Handymen, DIYers, and Professionals Rejoice! Avant Compact Loaders Have Arrived!

Posted - December 9, 2015
Avant Compact Loaders have arrived at CSTK! Avant Tecno produces articulated multi-functional compact loaders. Avant products, available worldwide, are versatile, powerful, compact, innovative and durable in all working conditions. This is why Avant is the market leader in loaders with operating weight under 2000 kg. Read More

Preventive Maintenance For Your Truck Fleet: Find Solutions Before the Problem

Posted - January 14, 2016
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This insightful bit of wisdom not only applies your New Year’s resolution, but for truck fleet maintenance. Staying one step ahead of issues relies on getting equipment ready for inspection and road. Want to reduce costs and risk of breakdowns? Consistent maintenance from quality service centers can stop small problems to growing into extensive repairs.  Read More