Handymen, DIYers, and Professionals Rejoice! Avant Compact Loaders Have Arrived!

Posted - December 9, 2015

Avant Compact Loaders have arrived at CSTK! Avant Tecno produces articulated multi-functional compact loaders. Avant products, available worldwide, are versatile, powerful, compact, innovative and durable in all working conditions. This is why Avant is the market leader in loaders with operating weight under 2000 kg.

CSTK Kansas City is a now a proud Avant dealer serving the Kansas and Missouri region.

The Green Machine is here

Avant compact loaders are strong enough to handle heavy loads of over 3,100 pounds ??? while compact enough to work in tight situations around tight corners. They are small but powerful machines capable of doing big jobs like earthmoving, load handling and snow removal. 

So how does one unit handle so many jobs? With 100 attachments, Avants work hard in a snowstorm or tall grass because of the standard attachment system. This complete range of accessories are easy to use and switch in minutes. 

Avant is the property maintenance master. Check out how an Avant can work for you:

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Avant’s loaders have more lifting power than some of the other machines of the same size. avant_trash_bin


Avant models are excellent machines for various handling jobs including loading and unloading of trucks and transporting of materials. Thanks to the continuous four wheel drive, Avant can work on uneven terrains and in winter as well ??? in conditions where normal forklift trucks can’t work. 


avant_snowIf you own private or commerical land, an Avant is a year-round investment. In the winter, use the snow removal and salt spreading attachments. During the spring, Avant can do sidewalk sweeping and and washing. In the summer, you can mow the lawn and collect the clippings with the same machine. In the fall, collect and mulch falling leaves. 

Instead of buying several units, Avant can streamline maintenance work.



Avant can tackle all the hard jobs that earlier had to be done by hand. Hydrostatic transmission, 8 function joystick, telescopic boom and boom self levelling make farming easy. Avant products can be used in place of a skid steer, compact tractor, fork lift, or even a self-propelled mower. Farmers use Avants for silage distribution, garden tiling, and yard cleaning. 

Now available at CSTK Kansas City, Avant machines offer modern technology for a new era. Download your Avant Compact Loader Info Kit and contact us for a custom quote.