The Food Safety Modernization Act: What it Means and How to Prepare Your Equipment

Posted - August 18, 2015

Ready or not, new food safety regulations are here. The Technology and Maintenance Council, a national organization that develops transportation maintenance recommended guidelines; reports that food shippers will determine cleanliness standards for refrigerated transportation equipment.  


With evolving rules, it is important to keep up-to-date on how these recommendations influence your fleet trailers and trucks. According to the article, the FDA is currently working on policies that satisfy the Food Safety Modernization Act introduced last year. This program has already begun and will continue into summer of next year.

What does this mean for you? Thermo King’s fleet performance manager, Bud Rodowick, says the FDA will require shippers to establish their own hygienic and temperatures specifications. Since the specific shipping company knows the factors that affect their food, the FDA rules they will oversee their own requirements for transit refrigeration.

This program updates the definition of trucking equipment; any component involved in the food transportation process will need to be regulated. Drivers responsible for cleaning trailers or trucks will be called to prepare acceptable processes, and trucking companies will be accountable for educating employees and documentation.

Following these new rules can cost you extra time and resources. CSTK can help you fulfill these newly introduced trucking refrigeration requirements. We offer a temperature controlled and hygienic solutions. Easy to use and easy to clean portable refrigeration options are available for your large fleet or small business.

VanCo Liners

VanCo van conversions safeguard your products by providing consistent temperature management inside delivery vans. VanCo vanliners from CSTK are USDA and FDA compliant and come with overlapping panels guaranteed to stop moisture, dirt, bacteria and other contaminants from reaching your perishables. Proven insulation will help you maintain your target temperature during any season. VanCo van conversions are perfect for transporting flowers, cakes, sandwiches, confections, wines, produce, baked goods, meats, fish, and more.

Kool Ride Transit Vans and Trailers

When you need convenient and portable refrigeration for a few days or a few months, our Kool Ride Transits and Trailers are right for you. These rental products are maintained and cleaned by CSTK technicians so you won’t have to worry about regulations during your events or deliveries. Our Kool Ride Transits are temperature-controlled Ford Transit vans with refrigeration space and VanCo liners. These vehicles are perfect when you need your refrigeration to ride with you. Our fleet features 110 volt electric standby for easy stationary use. The vehicles in St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Kansas City are also wired for our 33 gallon ColdCube, our compact answer for refrigeration and freezer options as low as -6?? F.

Kool Ride Trailers are walk-in coolers on wheels. The Kool Ride delivers on-site refrigeration or freezer space for caterers, restaurants, events, florists, wineries, microbreweries, bars/nightclubs, bakeries, and more.

If your need for additional space due to the breakdown of a walk-in cooler/freezer, a catered event, or simply needing additional temporary space, the Kool Ride portable refrigeration unit is designed to conform to your needs – with features like beverage taps holes, 110 volt electric power, shelving options, and spacious yet convenient sizes.

You can also count on consistent refrigeration, backed up by CSTK’s 24-hour mobile service team. Upcoming food transportation laws don’t have to a big obstacle for your business. Contact our team to help you select, install, and service these solutions.

You can learn more about the Food Safety Modernization Act on the FDA Frequently Asked Questions site.